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Rafelson Media is currently developing titles of various genres, styles and budgets with the intention of creating highly marketable and profitable quality films suitable for worldwide distribution. Last year, we produced, A MID SUMMER NIGHT'S RAVE (released by ThinkFilm), the ubiquitous Shakespeare tale placed within the contemporary framework of rave culture in America. We have spent the ensuing year developing a diverse slate of titles.

Additionally we are actively engaged in developing original, mainstream television projects geared to reach a wide audience of demographically favorable viewers. We recently produced, AFTERTHOUGHTS, a retrospective for Bravo Television, which followed the creative revolution of independent filmmakers in the late 1960's and early 1970's. Moreover, we have pilots slated for Original Hollywood Stories, Power Plant and Against the Odds, three original, inventive programs.

RMC offers opportunities for revenue sharing of our expanding catalog of content and rights. As we have strong ties with the entertainment industry's most valued professionals, our strength in securing attachments and relationships remains critical to the process of packaging intellectual properties, such as feature films and television programs. In doing so, we are seeking solid sources for investment funding, co-ventures and strategic alliances. Our goal remains to analyze, identify and offer the most promising opportunities in the commercial marketplace.

We are equally pleased to offer full production and postproduction services, including scoring, music supervision and editorial. For further information, please refer to our music services page.

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Music |  Film/TV |  Music Catalog |  Media Publishing Catalog |  Music/Film Credits
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